EcoSilent – A quiet revolution

In a buzzing and ever-changing world, only the serenity of nature remains. This inspired us to develop the EcoSilent drive system. The result is a quiet revolution for screw-driven lifts and for your home.

energy efficient home elevators

Sustainable technology

We care about you and we care about the planet. The EcoSilent drive system is smart and energy-efficient, the perfect choice for green homes.

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Eco Silent Elevators

Silence Made in Sweden

We respect your need for peace and quiet. The EcoSilent drive system makes your lift blend in with the quiet sounds of your everyday life.

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Eco Silent Lifts

Easy to enjoy

Our lifts are easy to integrate and easy to enjoy. The EcoSilent system offers you and your family perfect comfort at home 24/7.

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Discover EcoSilent

The EcoSilent drive system takes the comfort of our lifts to the next level. Discover the difference a virtually soundless lift can make in a family home.

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At Cibes Lift Group, we care about you and we care about the planet.
Lifts for green homes

The EcoSilent drive system acts like a built-in eco setting. It makes your home lift run in eco mode all the time.

  • Carries Energy Label A
  • Energy consumption of 215 kWh/year
  • Less than a modern washing machine
  • A lift equipped with the EcoSilent drive system runs with 45% less energy than a lift without. A great investment for your home and for the planet.Yearly energy consumption based on a 2 stop lift with 3.6 m travel, equipped with EcoSilent and a frequency of use of 20 travels/day.

At Cibes Lift Group, we respect your need for peace and quiet.
Serenity at home
Even when you think that it is really quiet, sound is all around you.

  • Running the tap: 85 dBA
  • Washing machine: 65 dB
  • Dishwasher: 55 dB
  • Lift with the EcoSilent system: 40 dB

The EcoSilent drive-system makes your home lift blend in with the sounds of everyday life.Decibels measured 2 m from the lift, with a 150 kg load, at constant speed.

At Cibes Lift Group, we care about your comfort at home.
Perfect home lifts
Cibes home lifts are space-efficient and easy to integrate. The EcoSilent system just makes our lifts even easier to enjoy.

  • Quiet operation
  • Smooth travel
  • Energy-efficient drive

Use your lift day or night, as much as you want. With EcoSilent, lift operation is virtually soundless (40 dB) and very energy-efficient (Energy Label A).